HORSEPOWER : 141.7-218.9 HP SPEED : 1200-2200 RPM TYPE : DIESEL


  • Horsepower: 218.9 continuous
  • Electronic common rail
The 6 cylinder option in the Perkins 1100 Series, the 1106 range, delivers the power you need for earth moving and construction all the way through to agricultural use and warehousing. Engines in the range meet EU Stage II/Stage III and U.S. EPA Tier 2/Tier 3 equivalent emissions standards. The 6 cylinder Perkins 1106 range of diesel engines gives you 7.1 litres of turbocharged aftercooled power. With an impressive power band of 112-205 kW (150-275hp) the engines are your powerhouse – whatever your requirements. Whether you need an engine with the power to handle the demanding jobs of earth moving and construction, an engine to work on the land or a host of other critical, power hungry applications, there’s an 1106 engine for you. The 1106 engines have been specifically designed for use in territories with Stage II/IIIA and Tier 2/3 equivalent emissions standards, using the best technologies to ensure a reliable and easy to maintain machine. We use a turbocharged aftercooled engine to offer the best combination of power delivery and response, while still meeting the emissions standards. Engines in the range also form a common platform with our 1200 Series Stage IV/Tier 4 Final engines. This allows for a more cost-effective transition when you need to upgrade to the next emissions level.


There’s also a choice of mechanically or electronically controlled engines depending on the power output required and your application. Choosing a robust, electronically controlled common rail engine provides the opportunity to increase power and low speed torque, while maintaining displacement volume, and still achieving the emissions standards. Learn more about electronic engine control versus mechanical.